Fell in Love

The sound of kids playing echoed through the room and in between the metal rods from our bunk beds. Our collective imagination was flooding the airwaves; my cousins and I had just pitched tents with blankets. We used the chairs as a foundation to get the most room out of our manmade shelters in the room. Just before we went hunting or what the lesser imaginative would have called making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sounds of car engines came from the front yard.

We all heard these uplifting sounds before, it was the signal of our older cousins’ arrival to the house. I remember idolizing all of them, for they were the evolved versions of me and my fellow campers. The engines started up again but the sounds began dissipating in the uncertain air, I wanted to know where they were going.

My aunt mentioned that they were headed the park about to play basketball. This only meant one thing, the camping crew was going to find their bicycle helmets and rev their own engines.

We got to the basketball courts quicker than usual. Having ridden through these sidewalks of Irvine before, we maximized on all the shortcuts. Dropping my bike quickly, I made my way to a rectangle with painted lines all over, it looked like a battleground. I saw my cousins playing for the first time; It felt as if I was watching giant robots combat each other on the blacktop asphalt. “Were they Gods?” I remember thinking. They were all huge. “Could I get to be that big”? I began making my way towards the nearest basketball trying to mimic these legendary figures. I could barely bounce the ball, let alone shoot it at the basket. More than anything, I wanted to join them. I wanted to be a part of this fantasy world…I Fell in love with the Game.