Fell in Love

The sound of kids playing echoed through the room and in between the metal rods from our bunk beds. Our collective imagination was flooding the airwaves; my cousins and I had just pitched tents with blankets. We used the chairs as a foundation to get the most room out of our manmade shelters in the...

The Perfect Pop

Beating sounds came from the pine of our aging practice facility as I send the basketball up and down like a yo-yo. I was dribbling the ball at the top of the key. For my non-basketball friends, that’s the highest point of the half circle on the offensive side of the court. I felt fear in my...

Meditation: An Introduction

What is it?   It is said that Meditation was first developed to help people understand the sacred and mythical forces of life.   Although there are many types of meditation, for now we will describe Meditation as placing the mind in a relatively silent space. Meditation trains us to place our attention where and when we want.     What are...