My Life

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The Basketball Side

I had humbling beginnings with struggles at every level. I was not recruited out of high school and did not get a scholarship to play in college. But I was fortunate enough to work through all these struggles to make it to the Pro Level. I use different techniques to surpass the challenges I face in life and basketball. From neurolinguistics and visualization to power lifting and underwater training, I continue to learn and apply new ways to improve. The details to my journey are yours to read and apply to your own lives. We are in this together…

The Academic Side

I always valued my education, whether it was in a classroom or learning from others on the fly. During my 3 Years at UC Irvine I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and completed half of my Masters Degree in Criminology, Law and Society…I finished the other half during my Rookie season overseas.

The Business Side

Even as a child I was very interested in business. When I was 19 I invented a new type of Jar. I taught myself the patent process followed by packaging, marketing and distributing. See for more info on the jar.

These past seasons as a professional basketball player I have represented myself as an agent as well. I constantly use my knowledge from my Bachelors and Masters degrees, negotiating my own contracts and endorsement deals. Business and Basketball are my passions; I am fortunate to earn a living while doing so.

My Mission

The Purpose

Why start a blog? Why post about my life all over the internet? The reason is… I must share with you. I have experienced many things in life and have a responsibility to provide a resource to you. If I can directly or indirectly teach and entertain anyone who comes to the site making their life that much better, then it must be done!

I feel that we are here on Earth to be happy while helping others become happier along the way. If the world is happier during my time here, then I have accomplished something.

The Direction

This resource offers tools for athletes and non-athletes alike. Although I play professional basketball, this site is not just for basketball players. Many of the posts I share offer a perspective and approach that may be applied to other areas in life.

There are different Sections:


I will share everything basketball that can be tastefully entertaining while offering perspective and tools to help all my basketball friends out there. From dealing with recruiting and hiring agents to training to jump higher or learning shooting drills, I got you covered!

Chi Of 3

This is where You will find Information on the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Experienced professionals offer their knowledge consistently. The tools in this section will help you find your “Chi” or the balanced energy within your body essential for health.


This section exhibits my challenges and the methods I used in dealing with them. I am not always right and what I have done may not be flawless, but I know it worked for me. And if it worked for me, a once chubby kid that sat on the end of the bench… it can work with you.


We all need stuff! Whether it is new training shoes, a new yoga mat, or a new application for your phone that will help you… I will keep you informed! If you feel there are some products and services that may help let me know!


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